Bolingo Communications and Media Consult

Bolingo Communications and Media Consult is an integrated communication agency which provides a wide variety of communication-related services. We are available to offer our services in whichever African country our clients are located. Our priority is to ensure that clients have access to reliable and timely production and delivery of communication products.

We partner clients to achieve their communication goals, and assist them in developing and executing communication strategies across various sectors. Our vast experience and dedicated and professional personnel have been key to our success and acknowledgement in the field of communication service provision.

Specifically, we carry out the following:

Translation; Interpretation; Rapporteuring; Editing, and Proofreading.

We have provided services for clients operating within different sectors: economics; trade and industry; human rights; tourism; governance and democracy, etc.

Our achievements in this domain have been the result of the trust placed in us by our partners. Since the inception of Bolingo Communications and Media Consult, we have remained true to our motto:

Every task is an opportunity to give our best


“Our commitment to excellence has been the defining factor in making Bolingo Communications a sought-after consultancy in five main domains: media and communication; rapporteuring; interpretation and translation; video and photography, and design and creativity. We always strive to deliver beyond our clients’ expectations.”

Ady Namaran Coulibaly

Operations Manager